May 26-29th 2023 – the Friends conference on Religion and Psychology

The Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology 

 in person only at

Pendle Hill, 

May 26 to May 29, 2023.


This year’s conference theme is “BodyDreaming: Self-Regulation, Jung, and Neuroscience in Trauma Recovery.” This year, our plenary speaker is the accomplished Jungian analyst and author Marian Dunlea, from Ireland.  In addition to being a delightful person, Marian is a passionate student of neuroscience with extensive training in a host of healing modalities.


Conference Fees:  In-person fees for three nights and all meals in a private room at Pendle Hill are $575 until March 31—and $625 after that.  There are double rooms for couples and established pods at $515 until March 31–$565 after that.  We also have a few registration slots for commuters who get lunch and dinner at $305 until March 31 and $355 thereafter.


To register, click here.