Review – Peter Levine

BodyDreaming brings together the analytic legacy of Carl Jung with developments in the fields of Body Oriented Psychotherapy. It shows that we remain, elusively, disconnected from our dreams (and inner images), until we can embody them through interoceptive awareness. This transformative process, catalyzed through connection to the Living, Sensing, Knowing Body, bridges the dream world to here-and-now experience. In this way, we nourish the deep Self, the True Self, and our connection to inner aliveness and vitality. I believe that this book contributes to a rich dialogue between analytic and experiential therapies; a dialogue that will certainly enhance both.”Peter A.

Professional Development Training in BodyDreaming® Module 1

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March 17th-19th: Professional Development Training in BodyDreaming® Module 5

We are delighted to let you know about Module 5 in the BodyDreaming Training Attunement and Attachment Finding that Secure Base within.  To those of you who might have missed the earlier modules please do consider joining us for this upcoming module. Please see more details in the flyer attached below, and let us know if you have any questions. We have been delighted to receive positive feedback, confirming that BodyDreaming has impacted many people's lives, relationships and work. BodyDreaming’s embodied approach opens new pathways in body, mind and spirit. Importantly, we focus on practicing new skills learnt in our small facilitated groups.With