Professional Development Training in BodyDreaming® Module 6 – June 16-18th

Summer is almost here — we are ready for Module 6 of the BodyDreaming Training – Attunement and Attachment: Finding that Secure Base within, June 16-18th. 

Module 6 can be taken as a stand alone module or you may wish to pick up on the training programme. To those of you who might have missed earlier modules please do consider joining us for this upcoming module. There are more details in the flyer attached below, and let us know if you have any questions. 


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere Module 6 falls close to Summer Solstice and the vitality, vibrancy, fullness of that season offers an opportunity to deepen into these new pathways of attunement in the safe container that has been established. It affords us the possibility to attune to the inner felt sense resonance with our cellular wisdom from earliest life experiences. The connection with our embryology opens us to the innate wisdom and organic intelligence that already lies in our bodies.  We feel more grounded in our cells, in our tissue, in our bones, in the musculature which supports our nervous system responses.  Establishing a more regulated nervous system is key to the repair of our early attachment patterns and fosters an embodied core sense of self, a learned secure base. From this point of an embodied learned secure base we have a heightened awareness of the flow of inter- connectivity that connects all life on our planet and in our universe, the Anima Mundi that binds all things. 



We continue the BodyDreaming training journey with Module 6: “Attunement and Attachment: Finding That Secure Base Within Part Three”.


As we explored in Modules 4 and 5, BodyDreaming highlights the relational aspect of regulation – co-regulation with the other. It is a process that connects us deeply to an embodied core sense of self in relationship to the other.


The attachment patterns and wiring of the brain are impacted by the relationship between the primary carer and the infant. Earlier still the environment of the womb is the primary experience of regulation. The regulatory process in the infant’s nervous system is established by the to-ing and fro-ing from times of calm to times of stimulation in the relationship between the infant and the environment. A lack of regulation produces insecure attachment.


As we grow we are not always met how we would wish, and insecure attachment patterns can also form as a result of life’s challenges, traumas and limitations.


In this module, Part Three of Attunement and Attachment: Finding That Secure Base Within, we will continue the work of renegotiating our habitual insecure attachment patterns and responses. These patterns are often laid down in the first 36 months of life before the hippocampus is fully functioning, which is responsible for memory encoding and memory consolidation.


Experiences during this formative time are stored in “implicit memory”, in our body, out of our conscious awareness or verbal expression. We will work to uncouple and free up body memory that may be connected to attachment patterns.


“Implicit memory can influence our present without our awareness that something from the past is affecting us.” (Siegel, 2010, p.149)


With this practice we can experience an embodied core sense of self which forms the base for a secure attachment style.


In this module we will continue in our small groups to practice Attunement, Slowing down the process, and Titrating overwhelm. We will explore such topics as Implicit memory, Coupling and Uncoupling, Dissociation, Freeze and Shame.


Contact: for a booking form.

Cost is Euro 390. CPD 15 hours.

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Faculty for Module 6

Photograph of Marian

Marian Dunlea, M.Sc., IAAP, ICP, is a Jungian analyst who has been leading workshops internationally for the past 20 years integrating body, mind and soul. With the development of her unique approach BodyDreaming®, Marian’s work has expanded to incorporate the developments in neuroscience, trauma therapy with Jungian psychology and the phenomenological standpoint of interconnectedness. Her trainings include Jungian Analysis, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychosynthesis, Infant Observation, BodySoul Rhythms® and Somatic Experiencing. Marian is head of training for BodySoul Europe, sister organization of the Marion Woodman Foundation. She is the author of BodyDreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: An Embodied Therapeutic Approach, Gradiva Award 2019, IAJS Book Award 2020.

Wendy Bratherton, IAAP, CSTA, has been a Jungian Analyst for over 30 years and recently retired. Her deep interest in early developmental trauma and psychosomatic illness led her to train as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist sixteen years ago. This introduced her to the developments in neuroscience which have recently been taken on by Psychotherapy. Where appropriate she integrated the Biodynamic Craniosacral work into her Psychotherapy practice, to work with body and psyche. She trained with Marian Woodman (Canadian Jungian Analyst) in BodySoul Rythmns and has co-led BodySoul workshops with Marian Dunlea for over ten years. She ran Infant Observation Seminars for over twenty years and trained in trauma work with Babette Rothschild. Wendy has lectured on the integration of psyche and soma and on Alchemy and work with borderline patients. She has contributed to Contemporary Jungian Analysis, ed. C. Hauke and I. Alister (1998), and a contribution n Disease as Shadow to a book on The Shadow, ed. C Perry and R Tower (forthcoming December 2022).

Patricia Grey Amante is a Somatic Movement Psychotherapist. With a background in psychology and counselling psychology, Patricia accredited as a Psychotherapist in 2004. Over the last 15 years, Patricia has completed three further professional trainings; BodySoul Leadership Training, with Marian Woodman Foundation, Origins, a 4-year Somatic Training in Embryology and Developmental Movement, with Joan Davis, Original Nature, a 3-year Somatic Training in Authentic Movement, assisting Joan Davis. Patricia’s therapeutic work nourishes Embodied Presence through Dreamwork, Developmental Somatic Movement, and Authentic Movement. She is currently offering a series of Embodied Menopausal Workshops. Through movement and stillness, Patricia brings a deep listening to what is here right now, opening through layers, to the innate wisdom that is so alive and palpable within our human body, and the greater body of nature.

Abigail Whyte is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist (C.Clin.Psychol.,Ps.SI). She has worked as a Clinical Psychologist since 1991 with young people and their families in public mental health services in Ireland. She is an experienced clinical psychology supervisor, and has been involved with both University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin D.Clin.Psych Clinical Psychology Training programmes. Abigail finished her training as a Somatic Experiencing /Trauma Practitioner (SETI) in 2015 and has been working as an SEP in private practice in Dublin since then. She is a graduate of the Marion Woodman BodySoul Rhythms Training Programme ( and has been facilitating regular BodySoul groups in Dublin since 2013.