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BodyDreaming Module 7, Oct 13-15 2023

The BodyDreaming training journey continues with Module 7. (Note that it is possible to join the training at any point.)

Marian Dunlea with Patricia Llosa, Pauline Sayhi & Abigail Whyte

Module 7 invites us to consider the numinous, and how this unique experience presents itself in our lives. In this module, we will bring more attention to our dreams, inner dialogues and outer explorations using active imagination. 


Exploring the Numinous In these next three modules of the BodyDreaming Training, we will explore how to approach the numinous. As in St. Exupery’s “The Little Prince” (“Le Petit Prince”), in order to receive the encounter with the numinous, we must first be “tamed”, or receptive. Our approach is therefore to proceed by building trust and creating ritual. 

Dates:  Time Zone GMT+1

Friday October 13th from 2pm to 8pm 

Saturday October 14th from 2pm to 8pm 

Sunday October 15th from 2pm to 5pm 

Venue Online via Zoom 

Please plan on attending all sessions. 

Tuition Fee €390 

Continuous Professional Development 15 hours 

Notes Each module can be taken as a stand-alone experience or as part of the BodyDreaming Training. New participants will receive a recording from the previous module to view and are also recommended to view the recording of the online Introductory Workshop. 

The training weekend will comprise of theory and practice, experiential learning and embodied practice sessions, dream work, movement, voice work, ritual and art. We work in large group sessions and in small break-out practice sessions. We have a group of assistants providing containment and guidance for the small break out practice sessions. Each breakout group will have an assistant present, from our team of assistants, who all provide containment and guidance for the small break out practice sessions. 

To request an application form, or for more information about the training, please write to Julia and Cat at BodyDreaming@gmail.com. Instructions about payment will be provided once your application has been processed. 

Recommended Reading Chapter 8: The Matter of Self-Regulation: “The sun is coming out of her face” In BodyDreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: An Embodied Therapeutic Approach, by Marian Dunlea (Routledge, 2019). 

The full module flyer can be downloaded here.