May 26-29th 2023 – the Friends conference on Religion and Psychology

Marian is one of the speakers at this venerable conference. The Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology is one of the oldest conferences in the U.S. dedicated to individual spiritual exploration with a focus on depth psychology, specifically Jungian psychology.  More details here:

May 20th 2023: The Lightness of Being: Jung, Neuroscience and Self-Regulation

The Guild of Pastoral Psychology Spring Conference Date: Saturday 20th May 2023 Location: Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT Start time: 11:00am  End time: 4:30pm  Type: Conference & Webinar  Refreshments: Lunch (vegetarian) is included for people attending in person This conference can be attended both in person and online.  Click here for the webinar; click here for tickets to attend in person. Jung took it for granted that his audience knew what he meant by the body’s capacity for self-regulation, and used this analogy to teach about psyche’s role of Self-regulation in the movement toward wholeness and the journey of individuation of each person. Jung wrote: “Dreams are the reaction to our conscious