BodyDreaming® and Clay Mask workshop, Marian Dunlea and Wendy Bratherton

The Ammerdown Centre, Radstock, BA3 5SW, UK
“We come of age as masks
Our true face never speaks.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

BodyDreaming and Mask workshop Flyer


Come and create a clay mask at Samhain, the time of year when the Cailleach, the Old Hag of Winter,
makes her descent into the Underworld to incubate the seeds of the new life that will emerge at
Imbolc, the Celtic spring.
We meet the Cailleach at the threshold of Winter in working with the damp, dark clay, learning to
trust our impulses, listening to our dream images, feeling our senses engage with the prima materia
of the raw clay. The mask begins to reveal itself and we begin to relate to the mask energy, the
hidden face of the feminine.
Using a combination of Qigong and Biodynamic Craniosacral work, we will deepen into our bodies to
see how our energy is moving and resonating at this time in the year’s cycle. The bodywork will
prepare us to meet a body of “matter” – the clay – and to make contact with the Cailleach energy.

And we will experience BodyDreaming™, a way of working with dreams and images that tracks the
pathways in the body where the energy of the dream is held. It invites us into the place of healing
between body and dream, where old traumas, symptoms and complexes hold fast in the neural
pathways of the body. When supported, the body may be ready to release this blocked energy and
be restored to its inherent organic wisdom. Image and impulse align with greater ease and fluidity.
We feel the ground of our sensing body interweaving with psyche, recovering our connection with
the living earth in a mutual participation.
Come and discover the mask that will take you into Winter, be your guide and companion in the
times of descent and incubation.